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About The Gallery of Freaks:

The Gallery of Freaks(GoF) was originally the title of a series of Youtube videos created by J2383. The series lasted from the summer after his senior year of high school to the beginning of his junior year of college. The topics covered in the series ranged anywhere from Lesbians to UFOs. After getting his Associate's in Computer Science and moving on to a 4 year college, J2 lost all free time and promptly canceled the series. Sadly, I confess that I dealt with the series cancellation badly. Rather than inform my viewers my intentions I simply stopped posting videos and every once in a while would make a vague half-assed attempt at returning to the scene. I truly regret doing that. Were I able to go back and inform my viewers properly, I would. However, it's too late for that.

After nearly a 3 year hiatus, J2 decided that video production simply wasn't his forte. At some point in January of 2010 J2 saw that The Escapist was going to be holding a webcomic creation contest, in which the winner would be given a paid contract with The Escapist to create a webcomic. This early GoF comic did not win the contest, obviously. However, it did plant the seeds of an idea in J2's mind. Those seeds eventually grew into the webcomic you see before you. Between conversations with his friends, and ideas and stories from his life; J2 would be hard-pressed to not have some kind of inspiration for his comic.


About J2383:

A strange young man, I have always strived for perfection; which is odd considering that I almost always fail at achieving it. My artistic endeavors have ranged from making a suit of chainmaille armor, to painting and digital art. Artistically, though, I think I'm best at photomanipulation. I have a hard time creating something out of nothing, but I can manipulate what's already there so that I get the appearance that I want.

Non-artistically speaking, I'm fluent in the programming languages of C++, Java, BASIC, COBOL, and a bit of Visual Basic. I enjoy building and repairing computers, and am currently A+, Security+, and Network+ certified. I am currently in the process of getting my Linux+ and Server+ certifications; after which I am going to get the CCNA and by the end of 2011 the MCSE certification. I have built about two dozen computers, and repaired dozens more. On a more personal note, I enjoy reading science fiction novels, and I collect retro video game systems. I currently own: the Atari 2600, NES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Sega Genesis, Game boy, Game Gear, and countless plug-and-play dedicated systems.