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12th Sep 2011, 6:23 PM Binaural Beats Digital Drug CD - A review

Digital Drugs

Very rarely do people reveiw brainwave entrainment cds, and as such I'd like to lay down the rules for this reveiew before I start writing the actual reveiw. The first thing we'll be covering is how well the product lives up to its claims; after that I'd like to talk about the CD itself and its packaging; finally, I'll include any other thoughts I have and award bonus points for anything that goes above and beyond my expectations here.

Points will be awarded as such:

Living up to hype: 50
Max bonus points: 5
Max total points: 60

The Hype:

This disk has some pretty impressive hype, according to the manufacturer's website I should feel an amazing clarity of mind, a sense of euphoria, and the an improved ability to have closed eye visualizations; all of these effects will last hours after turning the CD off. Those are quite grandiose claims for a $30 album. Clarity of mind: this is a very vague statement, but I'd like to point out that I've been listening to the album while working on writing this reveiw, and I have yet to thumb my way over to the facebook or twitter tabs on my browser. I think that speaks wonders for the 'clarity of mind' this product provides. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a Strattera level of focus, but it certainly is more focus than I ordinarily have; and as such I award the disk 13 points for living up to the hype of 'Clarity of mind'.

The next claim made is that this program will provide me with a "sense of euphoria." In many ways I am experiencing a sense of euphoria, but not in the ways I would have expected from this album. Allow me to explain, right now I am sitting directly under the air-conditioning vent in my bedroom, and I have a nice sensation of cold air rushing across my body. However, I'm also feeling a faint ghost sensation as well; the only way I know to describe it is that it reminds me getting dressed after playing in the rain as a child. By which I mean that indescribable warm and fuzzy sensation, I'd definitely say it is a euphoric feeling, but not how I expected. For the sense of euphoria I offer the program an additional 13 points.

The third major claim made about this program is that it allows for an improved ability to have closed eye visualizations. I sat down on my bed with my eyes closed trying to visualize everything from simple geometric shapes to fully automatic assualt rifles, and had little joy in the excercise. However, after turning the album off I opted to try the visualization excercise one more time, and found that without the album playing I actually did notice an improvement in my ability to creatively visualize. The only other thing I can perhaps say about this is that I am generally terrible at visualization anyway. I award this program 5 points for improving closed eye visuals

The final claim made is that the effects will last for potentially hours after finishing the album. I think that the effects of the program are a good deal stronger after I shut the cd off. I was able to visualize strong mental images more clearly, and that warm blanket-like sense of euphoria increased; though I did notice my focus begin to wane somewhat. I'm going to give the program a 10 for maintaining it's effects.

Hype: 41 out of 50



Bonus round:

What took me most by surprise about this album was the immensely nostolgic way in which it brought me it's "sense of euphoria," It brought me back to those rare chilly winter days when it actually snowed in Virginia; my sister and I would spend hours outside playing, and then come in to curl up under a blanket and watch a movie with our mom. Bringing that feeling back to me deserves a reward, and as such I grant 2 bonus points for it. 


Final Thoughts:

I think that this CD is a rather good one, I've owned it for several years and used it with some frequency. I would definitely advise anyone interested in brainwave entrainment to give it a try.


Grand total: B+

Until next time.

21st Nov 2010, 10:46 AM In the Press

Depending on who you are, the GoF is either "a comic that's just a bunch of pictures with a filter added on top" or "a comic that uses the rarely seen rotoscope effect to give it a very distinct style.


Here's a few of the reviews The GoF has received since it opened on August 2nd, 2010.



Yay! Another person who I was already reading!

You had me at rotoscope. I'm a sucker for it.

Your comic while being a little random and jumpy is genuinely funny. You've never pulled off a joke that was something that people wouldn't understand if they didn't know you and a lot of what you do is very relatable. You also manage to pull off the one panel "thoughtful" joke which is a very hard thing to do without getting too preachy.

It's interesting that even though you're still photographing yourself for this you have literally turned yourself into a cartoon character. Just for the other people that read these I'm not saying it's because he's editing himself to look cartoony or anything it's because he's managed to keep a consistent appearance throughout his comic so he's easily identifiable by comic standards. You're making yourself iconic which is pretty cool.

I'd have to say the story arc that made me subscribe to your comic was the bin saga. It also brings up something that bothers me. Your graphs and lettering on these are very clean and easy to read but when you make other graph jokes in your comic they are much messier and get a little crowded. What happened? Were you making things clearer so you could make sure the idiots at work had to understand? Good sir there are idiots on the internet as well who want to read your graph jokes and then find one of the nice smart people on comicfury to explain it to them. Keep it clean even though you want to just draw these out and get it done with.

The sketch saturdays are a really nice addition to your work and show what you can do when you're not doing stylized photocomics. When you're doing these though even though you come up with gold on a lot of them (comic 32 for example) some of them aren't matching up to the potential of the others. If you're going to do sketchbook outtakes on the weekends make sure that they're something as entertaining and fun as the rest of your comics or your readers are just going to skip over them or not come back on saturdays to look at them.



10/10: This is one of the rarest of the rare comics I have come across due to it being all of the following: Entertaining, Amusing, Educational, thought provoking, Random and real-as-life. Not many comics are photo-based, and the fact the pictures are modified to resemble comic-esque images is quite remarkable. The humor is over the line without being politically incorrect and the jokes are based on real-life scenarios that most people can relate to. The "description of the loner" segment showed that the comic was more than just a means to entertain, but that logic is clearly present in the series. I could find nothing wrong with this series whatsoever and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys comics that are humorous and thought provoking.

Mr. Capps

I am going to be a little bias here because of the filter you use on about all your photos. But that is just me personally, there must be some people who actually enjoy that filter. Well you seem to enjoy it because you are using it. But it works for the comic strip I guess. Anyway I thought it was pretty decent until I got to this comic. You have move up from decent to good. Also I really like the Saturday Sketchbook stuff.




Allright, it's a new week let's get started.

Art- It appears you've just taken pictures of yourself and applied a filter. Not exactly my cup of tea, but whatever. There is a lot of trapped white space in your comics and nothing really to direct the eye. Typically when you do a comic page you want the reader's eyes to follow a Z pattern from the top left to bottom right, so your art should flow that way. Your Sketchbook Saturdays are just aweful. I mean really, I'm not even going to pretend to say anything nice about them because really they're horrid. They're not well drawn, they have no substance, it's like you were doodling something while on a boring business call. I have a notebook full of those but I don't bother other people with them.

Writing- This is pretty much the ironic t-shirt of web comics. Mainly because I've seen most of your jokes on ironic t-shirts. I'll admit gag a day strips are hard to write. But stay away from a joke you can see printed on a shirt. And math jokes, stay away from math jokes. Also between your loner manifesto and bin saga comics I've come to hate you. You come off as a dick. I'm a loner and am so important, and I'm smarter than people who can't use bins properly. This may not be what you're
trying to convey but it's what I get from it. And you're a fat guy with a beard and long hair, it's very hard to think you're smart or important when you look like Silent Bob. Anyway, work on your jokes, and try condencing your multi page comics to multi panel comics instead of spreading them out.

Bottom line, I'm not doing the bottom line thing anymore. 

8th Aug 2010, 3:21 PM Introductions & Paranormal Activity Review

I believe that introductions are in order.

My name is Jack. I have an Associate's in Computer Science, and was politely asked to leave a 4 year school due to grade issues. Meaning I spent 4-5 days straight in the computer lab programming, and ignored all my other classes. It's cool, though, I've got my Associate's. I'll get by.


I wanted to explain to all of you why I am doing this. I'm doing this partially because I'd like to achieve some semblence of internet fame so that I can get all the girls and dosh; partly because I recently suffered a bout with severe depression and need a creative outlet; partly because I'm 23 years old, not in school, work in a grocery store, and so on with my pathetic attributes; but mostly I'm doing this because I am bored and have wanted to put together a comic for years. Growing up I was homeschooled, I didn't have many friends, and I was considered to be a strange but polite boy by everyone I met. Essentially, I have managed to set myself down on the border between conventional and outsider art; oftentimes you can see that my work is clearly inspired by someone or something, and other times no normal person can figure out the thought process behind what I do. It ultimately goes back to the way my mind is wired to work, though, I won't get into that right now...there's a comic coming down the tubes for that.

Some of you may be wondering what this comic is going to be all about. The first few comics show a fairly large spread of topics and ideas. Essentially, I've got about 200 or so ideas written down in my notebook that cover a huge variety of topics including: religion, philosophy, math, current events, college, high school, television, the occult, and a crap ton more. A large number of the laughs are heavily rooted in Geek culture as I see it(which is different than most people). So, if you're a nerd, or enjoy nerd culture you'll probably find some of the things I have to say rather funny. I hope you enjoy what I've got on the site so far.


Last night I watched the movie Paranormal Activity, and I LOVED it. Allow me to add that I hate the pretend documentary drama genre of films(think Blaire Witch Project) mostly due to the fact that 1: they are crap and 2: shaky camera work. Paranormal Activity avoids the first problem by avoiding the second. Since 75% of the camera work is a single shot from a table across from the couple’s bed, there’s very little camera to shake. The acting at times was either over or under done, but the 2 main actors involved gave solid performances, in my opinion. Basically if you haven’t seen this one, go see it. You’ll enjoy it.

Now, what I want to talk about is something that the internet has virtually ignored…the love story involved. Katie is being stalked by what the characters describe as an evil, malevolent demon; and she has been since she was 8 years old. However, up until recently the demon has been content to stand at the foot of her bed watching her. It wasn’t until she and Micah moved in together(I’m guessing) that the malevolence started to go up. Why? Because he was putting a wedge between the demon(we’ll call him demon-bob from now on) and Katie.

So demon-bob wants Micah out of the picture, so Bob increases the amount of scary stuff he’s doing in order to gain power. Knowing a thing or two about demonology I can say that a being like the one suggested in the film would feed off of all of the negative emotions and energies put out by both Katie and Micah. So, increasing the feel and hostility in the house would increase Bob’s power exponentially and increase his ability to interact with the environment. Basically, once Micah started filming, Demon-Bob utilized the opportunity to increase the negative energies and (therefore) his power so as to remove Micah as a threat, both to Demon-Bob and to Katie. That isn’t to say that Micah abused Katie, but rather he was the wedge that came between Bob and Katie. Despite her whining throughout the film, had it not been for Micah’s filming and constant harassment; Katie would never have even considered calling a demonologist to take care of the problem.

While I don’t pretend that this is the only way one could interpret the film, I think viewing Paranormal Activity as a strange take on the classical story of awkward being of pure evil falls in love with girl, girl lives on a separate plane of existence than being of pure evil, being of pure evil drags girl down hallway and eventually possesses her to kill her douche-bag boyfriend really brings this film above the ordinary scary movie level of fun and brings it up to a 'writing college essays on it' level of interesting.