Comic 344 - Chasing Cars

14th Sep 2012, 12:00 PM
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Author Notes:

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14th Sep 2012, 12:00 PM
We probably go through this every time I post a comic that required me to be in this state of undress, but I'm uncomfortable with the number of times I've been naked on camera for this comic.


14th Sep 2012, 2:01 PM
Were you really naked?
14th Sep 2012, 8:52 PM
No one of consequence
Funny - same as how they fry bacon.
15th Sep 2012, 3:07 AM
@us I was not, I was in my underwear. Until a year or two ago, there were people that had known me for years and never seen me wear anything but long sleeve shirts, so the amount of skin I have exposed on this comic is significantly more than I am accustomed to.

@NOOC Grease burns on your torso are the WORST.