Comic 345 - Mom, you lied to me.

17th Sep 2012, 8:29 PM
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Author Notes:

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17th Sep 2012, 8:29 PM
This is the result of a weird little thought experiment I went through the other day.


18th Sep 2012, 10:40 AM
Most of them these are clever and I get it... But this one I'm not sure If I got it...
18th Sep 2012, 1:30 PM
Sometimes.... JUST sometimes... you have far too much time on your hands :-D
18th Sep 2012, 1:38 PM
@TheSmilingPsycho, moms often say they have eyes in the back of their head, and that's why they're so good at catching their kids doing bad things. Brushing my hair completely in front of my face I discovered I can't see anything, hence, my mother clearly was lying.

@Jef, I know.