Comic 426 - Humor - part 1

11th May 2013, 3:24 AM
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11th May 2013, 3:24 AM
For those wondering, these ARE people I vaguely know in real life...I clearly do NOT try to make friends with people. While there is a second page of this coming(my response) I would like to briefly touch on my reasoning, and most importantly why I will neither apologize nor do I feel I am in the wrong here.

Comedy, especially black comedy, brings to light the absurdity of the human condition. Consider slap-stick for a moment, what is really funny about a man get hit in the head with a hammer? There's absolutely nothing funny about it, but when the 3 Stooges do it, it's hilarious because it brings to mind how incredibly fragile we really are. The fact that the only reason we aren't all murderers is because in those moments when we are at our angriest we still have the mental capacity to realize that we should NOT do the things that we truly wish we could in that moment. The moments when we are at our weakest we still manage to control our actions and keep from doing something truly monstrous, and seeing someone on screen do those things without the horrifying consequences that come with them is hilarious to us, because we know it could never happen. As I said in my comments, if something is too serious to be the subject of a joke, then it isn't important enough to take seriously in the first place. There's a reason you don't see many comedy sketches about the most appropriate weight for resume paper, while Stephen Colbert has made a career of taking the piss out of politics. Comedy is how we define the issues that are important to us, because it allows us to see the absurdity believing these issues to be less important than they are. If we try to section off a topic as too important to be joked about, then the truly absurd viewpoints take hold in society.


12th May 2013, 7:45 PM
Given your comment was about 1) A Snickers and 2) No actual Snickers bar existed and 3) Followed on from a humorous meme about a Snickers, your innocence and the humour is (at least to me) self-evident. Now there could be some back story I am not aware of that would make a particular person oversensitive to you calling them a psychopath, but otherwise it is a typical case of the internet masses having no sense of humour.
12th May 2013, 11:42 PM
If there is a back story as to why this was deemed so offensive, it is one that I played no part in. Despite some rumors to the contrary that I'm sure are now being spread I don't intentionally try to offend people, had I known it was going to be such a major issue I would have simply omitted the word 'psychopath' despite the emphasis it gives the statement.

I can only assume that at least one of the people in the angry mob that formed against me has a very severe mental disorder and that's why it was seen as so offensive; clearly that disorder isn't psychopathy, a psychopath wouldn't have cared in the slightest what I said.
13th May 2013, 6:40 AM
This is the sci fi group you were talking about no longer being welcome at the other day? I know from my time in my gaming group back in college, that that tend of group does tend to attract more than it's fair share of shall we say, "off balance" people, be they psychopaths or neurotic, if you don't mind me drawing a parallel between the two groups.

That said, you're right. All comedy is based around pain of some kind or other. We laugh to de-fang the demons of our own minds. SOunds like someone needs to listen to less Lonely Island (which I have to admit, dropping the song they're talking about on you WAS my first reaction, since it is a favorite of mine) and more Voltaire (re: Goodnight Demonslayer, his lullaby to a small child, telling them to sack up and kill the monsters under the bed - another favorite). Though there's a good chance that song might also offend someone.
13th May 2013, 8:35 AM
Yes, this is the sci fi club I was talking about on Facebook the other day; and sadly, I have noticed that the group(and others like it) tends to come together based on the members' mutual 'brokenness' though chose not to say so as it might give the impression that I was attacking all sci fi lovers. That was (clearly) not my intent. I honestly probably would have quoted the song as well had I been on that side of it, it was an amusing response to my first comment. I love Lonely Island and that song in especially. Also, Voltaire is one of my favorite musicians, he came to my area a while back and I was incredibly sad that I couldn't go see him perform.
19th May 2013, 12:15 AM
No One Of Consequence
Voltaire is a favorite of mine too - and demonslayer among his best IMO, and one less likely to offend than many of his songs ;-)
As for the thread (also just MHO):
1) mental illness not a joke, but
2) sometimes laughing is better than crying and gallows humour better than just the gallows - we all reach the end someday, and better a laugh along the way.
3) the use of psychopath seemed to be in the common collegial sense of "over reacting / over the top behaviour" not the un-funny real clinical sense
4) generally people would not overreact to this - but if they do they obviously have demons of their own. The fact you backed off rather than add to their unhappiness makes you a decent person. Being human we all occasionally step on others toes and people feel hurt - some look for toes to stomp, others give people with lots of baggage the space they need. And some takes accidents personally and look to take offence.

Real friends forgive your missteps, perceived or real - I hope once hurt feelings subside friendship remains. If not it was never real.
19th May 2013, 2:31 AM
I caught him a couple years ago at a local club. Kind of wish I'd seen him at Marcon last year. One nice thing about him is you know he'll be back through soon, barring bad things.