Comic 66 - Favorite Word

24th Nov 2010, 1:59 PM
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24th Nov 2010, 3:04 PM
I was concerned that my spellcheck knew what "snarfing" was - until i realized it meant the more modern usage, not the classic bicycle seat smelling form of the verb...
24th Nov 2010, 3:28 PM
I've...never heard snarf used in that context before, -3-.
24th Nov 2010, 8:59 PM
Mr. Freeman
I've never heard that definition of snarfing before...
I think the worst I've seen in my phones dictionary was cumshot haha... yeah. its not even a single word but it came up in mine.... Im starting to think that my phone company is run by a bunch of sadistic perverts, bent on annoying the shit out of me and adding fetishes to my phone's dictionary.
7th Dec 2010, 4:13 PM
I don't think my phone should be allowed to be more pervted then I am...
Although since I have been known to fined pictures of my "own" dirty pits on the net my phone would really have to bring its "A" game.
6th Jun 2011, 3:15 PM
Wow, "broom rape". I grew up near a place called Sunnyside, Washington. And that happened to a wrestler because he quit the team. On the other side, "broomrape" is actually a parasitic plant.