Comic 82 - The Very Loner Christmas - Page 12

25th Dec 2010, 3:49 PM
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Author Notes:

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25th Dec 2010, 3:49 PM
I rather enjoyed ripping of the plot structure from Memento this month. Doing so allowed me to try out some interesting story-telling techniques, and it opened up several rabbit holes for me to explore in more detail at a later date. There are two things that I learned from this, 1: I can tell a story about me interacting with someone else without ever showing that person, and 2: it's freaking hard to do that. That would have to be the biggest disadvantage to this being a photo/rotoscope-based comic. Granted, I hardly ever interact with other human beings, but when I actually need to use one, it's somewhat difficult to find stock photography that is both free and suits my purposes. Actually, at some near point in the future some of my older comics are going to get pulled and replaced with different versions, as I didn't use actual stock photography(bad Jack wasn't thinking). There's some other stuff I wanted to talk about, but I'll write about that another day. I'm too tired to think of it all right now.

Well, I have to be at work in 5 hours...I should get some sleep. I'll see you all Monday for the exciting epilogue.

*additionally* I fucked the timeline up so bad with this one.